About Us

Glide Ride Australia is a site dedicated to the official Glide Ride self-balancing electric scooter. Since we’ve laid our eyes on the Glide Ride we fell in love with it and decided to make it our mission to get it in every home across the Australia.

Self-Balancing Scooters have become wildly popular since famous celebrities like Justin Bieber have been spotted riding one.

The Glide Ride electric scooters are safe, durable and made from quality materials. With a bit of practice you’ll be zipping around the office or the streets in no time. When you’re done using it just plug it into an outlet and let it charge. They are electric powered which makes them a great source of transportation for the environment.

Don’t take your chances with the many knock-offs on the market. The Glide Ride has become one of the most reliable brands for a reason.

While may other self-balancing electric scooters are selling for thousands of dollars you can purchase one of our 1-wheel Glide Ride or 2-wheel Glide Ride’s for a fraction of the competition and get a better product that will last.

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